Mandalorian followers need Pedro Pascal as Gomez in Tim Burton’s Addams Household TV reboot

The Mandalorian Star Pedro Pascal is the latest name to come up with an online fan campaign for him to play Gomez Addams in Tim Burton’s reboot of The Addams Family. Fan excitement for the possibility has grown exponentially in the past few days after Pascal wrapped up season two of The Mandalorian with an incredible episode where social media is still on the rise. While he’ll be back as Din Djarin on season three of the Star Wars show, many fans are calling for him to portray the next live-action Gomez.

“But we’ve considered @ PedroPascal1 as Gomez Addams for The Addams family Restart? “considered a popular post on Twitter, including a photo of Pascal in a tuxedo.

But did we see @ PedroPascal1 as the Gomez Addams for restarting the Addams family? ????

– Liana Ruppert (@DirtyEffinHippy) December 21, 2020

Says another fan, “Someone said @ PedroPascal1 should play Gomez Addams, and I … I need this to happen.”

Someone said @ PedroPascal1 was supposed to be playing Gomez Addams and I just … I need this to happen.

– Lisa Marie (@ mk3zombie) December 21, 2020

“PEDRO PASCAL AS GOMEZ ADDAMS PLEASE BEGIN,” says another fan, emphasizing the clear desire to see the dream casting with all caps.


– ath katharine ❂ ☮︎ (@REXALORIAN) December 21, 2020

“I keep seeing it floating around in the FB, and I have to agree,” tweeted another Pascal fan. “‘I have to ask you to think about it Pedro Pascalas Gomez Addams !! ‘We know he can do drama and comedy. All that’s left is the fencing and dancing of the Mamuschka! “

I keep seeing it floating around in the FB and have to agree.
“I must ask you to consider Pedro Pascal as Gomez Addams !!”

We know he can do drama and comedy. All that is left is fencing and dancing the Mamuschka! @ / Q8r7P4JYxa

– Aunt Otter ™ and Newt (@GusAndLeo) December 20, 2020

One fan even went so far as to suggest a cross between The Mandalorian and The Addams Family by writing, “Let’s make The Addams Family part of Star Wars lore. Gomez is Mando retired.”

Let’s make the Addams family part of the Star Wars lore. Gomez is retired Mando.

– Max (@ NorthernFrog3) December 21, 2020

When it was first announced that Burton was developing a new version of The Addams Family, a fan campaign was launched with frequent contributor Johnny Depp playing the role. Oscar Isaac, who stars Gomez in the Addams family animated films, was later seen as a popular choice by fans on social media. While many fans were on board with the idea of ​​Isaac as the live-action Gomez, Pascal’s suggestion in the role made it a lot harder for some to know who is really best for the role.

“I’ve had Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams for so long and now someone is telling Pedro Pascal and Idk how to make decisions,” a tweet read.

I’ve had Oscar Isaac Fancast as Gomez Addams for so long and now someone was telling Pedro Pascal and Idk how to make decisions.

– Runedolph the Red Nosed Reindeer @ (@dayoffgoth) December 22, 2020

John Astin was the first actor to play a live-action version of Gomez when The Addams Family was adapted as a black and white TV series in 1964. He later repeated the role for an adaptation of an animated series in the early 1990s. The late Raul Julia famously played Gomez in the first film adaptation based on the series, a role he repeated in the sequel, Addams Family Values. Tim Curry also starred in the 1998 film Addams Family Reunion and Glenn Taranto played Gomez on the short-lived Canadian sitcom The New Addams Family.

There’s still no word on who will play any of the characters in Burton’s planned reboot of The Addams Family. By the time casting announcements are made, more dream casting opportunities like this one are likely to pop up on social media. Who knows who will eventually cast Burton, but a look at social media gives him a few popular names to choose from.

Hmmmm I just had a thought. @ PedroPascal1 and @GalGadot would make a really good Gomez and Morticia Adams. #addamsfamily

– Arrest of the killers of Breonna Taylor (@ZodMagus) on December 21, 2020


– hannaH (@ hannahlucille16) December 22, 2020

I’ll just throw that out of there. If Tim Burton’s Gomez Addams isn’t @ PedroPascal1 or Oscar Isaac, I don’t want it.

– Carmen Melendez (@ deathcab4carmen) December 20, 2020

Addam’s family – Pedro Pascal as Gomez and Violet Chachki as Morticia. No further questions.

– tân (@gormen_ghastly) December 16, 2020

I love Johnny Depp, but @ PedroPascal1 would make a better Gomez Addams # backmeup # sorrynotsorry # / R1ZcpncrA1

– Denimchikins (@denimchikins) December 21, 2020

. @netflix I heard you were restarting the Addams family. I think the role belongs. @ PedroPascal1 or Oscar Isaac! You would be great as Gomez Adams.

– Bethzaida Patterson (@onlybetholivera) December 15, 2020

@ PedroPascal1 as Gomez Addams. This is the way.

– Michelle (@pechemignonne) December 22, 2020

I read somewhere how perfect it would be if @ PedroPascal1 were cast as Gomez-Addams and I can’t think of anything else!

– lei ann ???? (@leiannoffduty) December 22, 2020

Pedro Pascal would make an amazing Gomez Addams

– Laurel Powell (@Laurelista) December 22, 2020

@ PedroPascal1 has to be cast as Gomez Addams in the Addams family movie. Otherwise you cannot convince me. ???? #addamsfamily#[email protected]/BbmrVg7GT9

– Asia Malaysia @ (@heyaziaa) December 16, 2020

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