Man BRAGS on harassment of Eight 12 months olds; Twitter tries to establish him !!

Going viral in a video taped by a woman on Facebook named Tay Dawkins, MTO News learned how it shows a woman talking to a man who appears to be a pedophile on FaceTime.

The video was streamed live on Facebook a few weeks ago and has now caught on – it has been viewed more than 10 million times. The video shows Tay asking the man if he was sleeping with an 8-year-old child. The North Carolina man tells Dawkins that he told her the information because she seemed open and accepting. When Dawkins asks the man if he likes young girls, he immediately says, “I like young girls.”

The man then explained how the 8 year old was actually the one who was chasing HIM for the relationship. The man said to the woman, “It wasn’t me. She was really aggressive. ”

Dawkins questioned the patient’s logic: “An 8 year old real is really aggressive?” But the alleged pedophile asserts himself and quickly nods with a yes.

When Dawkins questions the man further, he tells her that he is “weak”.

Dawkins asks him if he has any children and he pauses and then asks her if she would like his baby. She tells him “no” and says you could sleep with them, to which the alleged pedo replied creepily: “If I did that, I would tell you.”

Later in the video, Dawkins Ipad dies seeing the man on another device. On the new Facetime call, when Dawkins picks up the conversation again, the man pretends not to know what is going on.

People all over Twitter are trying to identify the man and bring him to justice. And some claim they have a few clues – APPEARANCE

MTO News contacted the Winston-Salem, North Carolina police and provided them with the video.

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