Lucifer Blooper Reel with cast who pretend they’re making out

At least we can watch the cast frolic while we wait for the final season.


LuciferSeason 5, Part B came out in late May, and fans were finally presented with what happens when God (Dennis Haysbert) intervenes to keep all of his children from fighting. But now fans have been treated to a look at the goofs for Season 5 Part B too!

Lucifer follows the title character (Tom Ellis), who owns the posh nightclub Lux in Los Angeles and gives up his seat as the king of hell to frolic with the people of the earth and becomes an advisor to the LAPD. Lucifer fans still have one season with the Fallen Son of God, but season 5 gave fans plenty to look forward to as the series tells the story of Lucifer and his partner Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). One of the reasons fans love Lucifer so much is because we can see how much this cast loves to work together. Whether through their online interactions or the videos and stories they share on their own accounts, they obviously enjoy working together. So why not have some fun with the cast and see their antics on set?


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The blooper role includes German, Ellis, and the rest of the cast, all of whom pretend to make out with each other between takes, German and Ellis don’t know which way to turn in the towed car, and Haysbert says, “Watch this “before the takes.

As the show comes to an end, that doesn’t mean the cast are happy to be done with it. If anything, they all use social media to share their love for one another and this series that has brought fans so much joy over these five seasons.

We don’t yet know when the sixth season of Lucifer will hit Netflix, but at least we have this fun blooper role that keeps us going. Who wouldn’t want to watch this entire cast pretend to make out for a minute? Check out the blooper role below.

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