Love and monsters defined on the finish and the way they characterize a potential sequel, prequel or cut up

We have a big monster battle between the crab and Joel and Aimee while they are also trying to stop the captain and his crew. Just as Joel gains the upper hand and is able to kill the crab, he looks into her eyes and realizes that he is not his enemy. He releases him and crabs take revenge on the captain and his crew by eating them.

Joel says goodbye to Aimee with a kiss and gives her his book about the monsters. Then he goes on another 7-day trip with Boy to return to his bunker. We hear a recording from Joel that is broadcast to several bunkers. It tells them what he knows about fighting the monsters and that the safest place seems to be the mountains because they have fewer monsters.

We see several groups including Aimee’s and Joel’s group going into the mountains. We also see Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt) and Clyde (Michael Rooker) who are already there waiting for more survivors, especially Joel’s arrival.

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