LisaRaye joins Onlyfans. . . Simply as express video from their LEAKS!

Actress & FOX Soul’s talk show “Cocktails With Queens”, LisaRaye McCoy, has officially announced that she will join OnlyFans – where she will release “everything” in her own words. MTO News confirmed this report.

And this could be the perfect timing for LisaRaye. You see an old video earlier today that shows a scene of LisaRaye dancing in the movie Players Club and going viral on Twitter. The graphic and explicit scene actually got LisaRaye trending for a couple of hours on Twitter:


Celebrities big and small flock to the platform to share their “intimate moments” with the masses for a small monthly fee.

The results have shown that those with large social media followers can raise millions of dollars quickly. So it’s no real surprise that a veteran actress like LisaRaye McCoy is the latest Hollywood vixen to join a burgeoning community of content creators. What exactly this content is you have to pay to see.

“If I could have a place where only my people come, only my fans, only my preferences, only my members, only my people who mess with me – you know what? I could make an OnlyFans site,” she explained. Then she told the fans that she wanted to release “everything”.

LisaRaye is now offering a subscription for $ 20 per month, $ 54 for a three-month plan, and $ 102 for a six-month plan.

Check out the following clip where she explains why she joined Onlyfans:

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