Kenya Moore is again and twice as fabulous – take a look at her new pics

Kenya moors shared a few new photos on her social media account that impressed her fans. Check out the picture she dropped on IG below.

One supporter really wanted to cast a shadow over Kenya: “You are such a beautiful woman. Why is your attitude towards other women angry, especially about Drew this season? It has not done anything to you and does not know her either.”

Someone else said, ‘Fine. I love it when she has her style so pretty. ‘

Another follower wrote, “She’s back and twice as fabulous,” and someone else said, “I want to be reborn as a Kenya Moore lookalike in the next life – #gonewiththewindfabulous.”

One commenter wrote: ‘@thekenyamoore I ❤️when Brooklyn said mom, whoever thought you were going to be such an amazing mom. You are so beautiful inside and out ❤️ ‘

One fan said: “Your hair looks so healthy after being cut. Makeup Check Eye Check Beauty Check. Twirl on them every day. ‘

One fan said, “You age backwards. Please share the formula. Team Twirl❤️ ‘and someone else posted:’ Just great … that’s all I have. Peace and Blessings ???????????? @thekenyamoore. ‘

In other news these days, Kenya is living its best life with its family and friends.

If you saw that Real housewives from Atlanta you would know there are two new women in the cast. While Kenya moors seems to have immediately clicked with Latoya Ali, she made it clear that she doesn’t care Drew Sidora.

While meeting at Lake Bailey, Latoya and Kenya shaded Drew around her hair, among other things.

After that, Drew wanted to explain her side of things.

“She just didn’t take me in the way I expected. We are both actresses (…) As great as it would have been, because as a little girl I really looked up to her, I was uncomfortable. ‘


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