Kaley Cuoco reveals the particular which means behind her new tattoo

2020 has been quite a year for Kaley Cuoco!

The actress is currently quarantined in Canada to co-direct a film Kevin Hartas she revealed in Daily Pop on Tuesday, November 17th, and she has just finished filming her upcoming HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant.

The new show revolves around her character Cassandra, a flight attendant who wakes up with a dead woman in a hotel room in Dubai and doesn’t remember what happened.

“That girl is everywhere,” Kaley told E! Co-host Carissa Culiner from Cassandra. “She’s fun, she’s cute, she’s a party girl, she drinks.”

“And then we have so much emotional turmoil and so much trauma from her past,” she continued. “As funny and quirky as it is – and there are funny moments – we are dealing with a woman who really has problems with alcohol and she has to face it, face these facts and then this trauma just explodes in her face. “

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