Jordyn Woods ‘newest enterprise concept has followers enthusiastic:’ Your degree of pettiness is big! ‘

Jordyn Woods was photographed in a mask with her boyfriend not so long ago. Nothing great so far – but what is interesting is what is written on this mask: “I don’t need your situation.”

The fans had gone mad with excitement because you may remember Jordyn saying this Khloe Kardashian after this Tristan Thompson Event.

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People have asked Jordyn to make more masks and sell them because they want a piece of joke too.

Now Jordyn dropped the announcement:

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Someone said, ‘Don’t do that about covid when we know it’s damn good ????’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Why are you adding the covid at the end? Be a savage with your chest. ‘

Another follower said, “The level of pettiness I live for,” and someone else posted this message, “You damn well know we didn’t talk about COVID,” but yeah, what you said! ???? ‘

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Another commenter said, ‘Now we know what you mean, but you’re the homie so it’s good love you ☺️’ and another commenter wrote, ‘This is so damn it. This family made you famous. ‘

Someone else said, “Please use your platform to raise awareness of what is happening in Africa,” and one commenter posted this message, “She really talks about @khloekardashian and says that Jordy.”

One supporter said: “Don’t need your situation COVID lmaooo we know exactly what that is and have nothing to do with COVID lol.”

Another commenter wrote: “@khloekardashian, she doesn’t need your situation. You buried her for free. Now you’re new to see her grow. But don’t worry, she doesn’t have time to watch your situation.” #Location.’

A fan said Sofia Richie liked the picture too: “Sofia Richie who likes this is definitely my mood for today. Stop Kardashian’s bullshit. ‘


Jordyn Woods was dating Karl-Anthony Towns and she stressed that he is “great,” which means their relationship is going great.

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