Jordy Woods publishes EXPLICIT Pics on their Onlyfans web page !! (Graphic)

According to MTO News, Jordyn Woods is the latest celebrity to dwarf Onlyfans. Beautiful former Kardashian girlfriend and current girlfriend of NBA star Karl Anthony Towns sells explicit pictures of herself on the adult website.

Fans can purchase a subscription to the site for just $ 20 a month. The site – which many of their supporters claim is “lit” – seems to have a ton of fans. This is how it looks:

Obviously, we can’t post any of the pictures Jordyn is selling. But they’re all over Twitter and show the 23-year-old IG model in skimpy outfits – she bares her bare breasts and buttocks.

Here’s a quick search on Twitter by Jordyn Woods & Onlyfans:


Jordyn spoke about her new NBA boyfriend Karl Anthony Towns and how he feels about her posting explicit pictures on her onlyfans. MTO News learned that Jordyn claims Karl was “super supportive” of her choice of joining the site.

JORDYN WOODS alludes to their new ONLYFANS page on IG

Jordyn said, “He sees my vision and is very supportive of me.” She adds, “It is amazing to have people in your life who support you through anything and they are there to uplift you and help you on your journey. We are very open to it. We talk about everything.”


She even said she shows her boyfriend the photos first before sharing them with the world: “Of course you don’t need someone else’s approval, but I just want to make sure everything is respectful.” She added, “Also, I’m someone in my life who really values ​​the opinions of people around me, so like three people I have to ask before I post anything.”


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