Jim Carrey – Here is Why He Left SNL and Who Might Substitute Him as Joe Biden!

Most people agree Jim Carrey did a great job Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live and yet the legendary actor leaves the spot open after no more than six episodes! Now an inside report claims to know why he doesn’t plan on appearing as president-elect in future drafts and who could replace him!

Jim Carrey is loved by many, which is why he announced that he will no longer play Joe Biden SNLshocked people.

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The star shared the news with fans in a very nice message, assuring everyone that there is a long list of talented actors who could take on the role after he left.

As it turned out, Jim Carrey’s appearance on the long-running comedy show should be limited from the get-go.

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A source tells HollywoodLife that the creators of SNL are already looking for the perfect replacement!

Season 46 is now looking for their new 46. Lorne and the producers loved Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and always expected that they would only have him for a limited time. Lorne asked if they could get another big name celeb for the role, but with Covid restrictions that have become much more difficult than originally expected, “the insider said.

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They went on to say, “The next best option now is to get someone from the current cast to do this. Beck Bennett is in the driver’s seat to get the role as he has been practicing being Biden. You also considered Alex Moffat and Mikey Day, but Beck is the front runner. ‘

Saturday Night Live fans already know Beck’s past impressions from other political figures including Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush and Mike Pence.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if he added Joe Biden to this list, and it’s also safe to assume that he would do a great job too!


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