Jenny Slate is pregnant and is anticipating her first child with fiancé Ben Shattuck

Baby on board!

During the Thursday, December 10th episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, actress Jenny Slate announced her pregnancy in the most delightful way. During the interview, she began to explain how she and her fiancee Ben Shattuck The quarantine began with a “romantic night of being together”.

“And then I did what everyone else did. I kind of crouched down and baked a lot of bread,” said the Venom star. “But I just want to say, I think – I think I might have baked too much bread or ate too much bread. You tell me, Seth.”

Then she gets up and pans the camera down to reveal her huge baby bump. host Seth Meyers laughed, “Oh yeah, that’s a lot of carbohydrates.”

Jenny continued to show her bump as she giggled, “It’s different. It’s different. I feel different. How exactly was the last nine months? You were really pregnant to me!”

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