Jennifer Lopez Says She Wants To Persuade The Wedding ceremony Planner Director To Forged Her – This is Why She Was Far From Her First Choice For The Position!

The Wedding Planner is one of the most iconic romantic comedies out there, and it’s really hard to picture anyone but him Jennifer Lopez In the main role! As it turned out, however, she almost didn’t get the gig!

The singer and actress got to the point that she just had to beg for the role.

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The reason the producers were so reluctant to give her the role, apparently, was because J.Lo. was typified as “the maid” up to this point in her career.

Now the superstar was discussing this and more with business partner and agent Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas for Variety’s Power of Women Conversations event presented by Lifetime.

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In the end, the romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey opened at number 1 alongside Lopez at the box office. So it’s safe to say that no one has regretted casting the actress.

And to add even more to their success, the premiere even coincided with the release of their second album, which quickly climbed the charts.

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Now, however, Jennifer Lopez revealed that none of this would have happened to her if she hadn’t managed to convince director Adam Shankman first to give her the chance to prove herself.

She described the kind of roles she’d had before that point as’ the maid, the Rosie Perez roles, the dishwasher, the this, the that. I had to kind of break out and convince someone to put me in the first romantic comedy I thought was The Wedding Planner. ‘

J.Lo. remembered how she had landed the thing and said that it was actually very simple, “I was, as you said, pretty hot at the time and you were my agent and you asked for a certain price you deserve for and the buckle they deserved. Then, [Adam] came to one of my plate signatures and he said give her what she wants. ‘


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