Jada Pinkett Smith shares why she is “more durable” on daughter Willow than son Jaden

In view of the Red Table Talk episode, the title “Why Are Women Mean to Each Other?” The convo also touched mean girls they’ve met in their entire lives, and Jada confessed that she holds grudges.

The 49-year-old stated, “I wouldn’t say I’m a mean girl, but I’ll tell you what I am and that’s a little bitch.” She added, “I may not do mean things, but if you do something to me baby let me tell you that I’ll hold on to it until the moment comes.”

For her part, Willow contemplated an experience with a mean cousin, despite the fact that they have since “settled our differences.” Willow remembered the cousin growing faster and having long flowing hair.

“My hair, you know, I’m in the Afro mood. I was super thin. I was like a tomboy and I would always tell her the guys I liked,” Willow said. “She always made an appointment with him. And after three times I was like you knew something, you’re stupid because you keep telling her.”

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