Iron Man wears Physician Unusual’s cloak in Halloween greetings shared by Robert Downey Jr.

Avengers: Infinity War In its sequel, Endgame, the entire MCU came together for a grand cosmic adventure. Fans were thrilled to see superheroes from different franchises interacting with each other on screen. One of the best pairings was between Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. To celebrate Halloween this year, Downey posted a throwback video from the sets of Infinity War in which he can be seen wearing Doctor Strange’s cloak with the following message.

“Capes, broomsticks, kettles … Happy All Hallow’s Eve … #halloween #happyhalloween”
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The footage is not easy from Robert Downey Jr. Screwing up on set by trying on another hero’s costume, but part of a sequence that was deleted from the final cut of the film. The scene takes place on board Ebony Maw’s spaceship, where he tortures Strange while Iron Man and Spider-Man have secretly boarded the ship.

In the scrapped scene, Tony and Doctor strange were supposed to briefly swap out costumes, with Tony wearing the cloak of levitation while Strange slips into Iron Man armor to catch Ebony Maw off guard. Photos from the planned scene have been floating on the Internet for months and arouse the fans’ imagination with what could have been.

In the days leading up to Infinity War’s release, two of the characters fans had been especially excited about were Doctor Strange and Tony Stark. Similarities and differences between the two characters have often been noted in the past, with both men being extremely intelligent and successful alpha males who had a problem with kowtowing in front of authority. But while Tony was devoting his life to science, Strange took on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.

Fan expectations were more than met with the release of Infinity War. Tony and Strange’s relationship became the linchpin of the entire story. The two heads nudged pretty often at first but also recognized the skills and resources the other brought to the team. Ultimately, by working with Tony, Strange was able to execute the very long-term plan that resulted in Thanos and his army getting dusted off in Avengers: Endgame.

Unfortunately, that plan also resulted in Tony Stark’s death, which means fans may never see Tony and Strange on screen again. At least that particular version of Tony Strange may never see it again, but the Multiverse is a very big place.

In Doctor Strange’s new film, he will travel to the Marvel Multiverse, where there are an infinite number of versions of the current MCU in different states. That means Strange will almost certainly meet up with other versions of The Avengers, including Iron Man, even if this new Iron Man isn’t played by Downey Jr.

For now, fans can enjoy Downey’s throwback video from his Avengering days and think back to a time when MCU movies were trending at the box office, as opposed to 2020 when a single Black Widow movie didn’t find an opening for a release that all year round.

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