How Nurses Honor Healthcare Employees Earlier than COVID-19 Adjustments All the pieces

Not all heroes wear capes – especially at the local hospital.

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to affect the United States, NBC has decided to add a new medical drama to its prime-time schedule. The series called Nurses has become a huge hit in Canada. And while the first season was filmed long before the impact COVID-19 began to have on the world, one cast member says the show will honor health care workers from the first episode.

“I think it’s a nice reminder that these people work really hard.” Tiera Skovbye shared exclusively with E! News. “Our show is made up of a lot of young doctors. There are a lot of young doctors who devote their lives, but there are also parents, grandparents and all sorts of people who put their lives down to protect us. If we can help and honor them “I think that’s a big thing that can keep people from seeing our show.”

In the premiere, Tiera’s character Grace Knight, along with four other rookie nurses, experience her first hospitalization. You are immediately faced with a tragic accident in which the entire staff is overwhelmed with patients. It is a scenario that hospitals experienced before and during a pandemic.

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