Here is your scorching first take a look at Matt James in his bachelor’s diploma

Matt James has never been in love – and Chris Harrison trying to change that.

A new preview for The Bachelor’s 25th season features candidates who literally fall in love with the 28-year-old real estate agent. In fact, on their first meeting, a woman accidentally stumbles into Matt’s arms after getting out of her limo! The preview also teases many steamy makeup sessions as Matt heads off to find a companion.

One clip shows Matt sharing a toast with the women fighting for his heart and saying, “Cheers to falling in love.”

And of course it wouldn’t be the Bachelor without a drama. As the Sneak Peek shows, the participants burst into tears as tensions rise in the game of love.

At the end of the clip, host Chris can be heard asking Matt, “Are you ready for this?” While viewers don’t hear a response, the preview shows Matt taking a deep breath at the start of his undergraduate journey.

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