Her EDM premiere: Jaxis drops Groovy single “Whatcha Want” over Esc. data

Hong Kong-based producer and songwriter Jaxis has released his explosive collaboration track “Awake” with FaZaD and a remix for DJ King. Records too
Share “Whatcha Need”. With the aim of bringing the best of Hong Kong’s electronic music to the world, Jaxis has developed a unique style of production and worked tirelessly on a lot of exciting music that he will soon be releasing.

“Whatcha Need” is probably one of his best melodies to date, a soulful yet aggressive house jewel that keeps us on our toes throughout. Starting with a groovy bass line and funky vocals, the melody slowly develops into a captivating structure. The drop explodes with the help of gritty sound design and heavy drum work, a perfect example of Jaxis’ ability to create appealing house jewels.

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