Hearken to Teejayx6’s New Mixtape Spooky

Detroit rapper and cheater Supreme Teejayx6 is back with another mixtape. His 10-track tape Spooky was produced by K’Den Ju and arrives in time for Halloween. The tape ends with the “Stimulus Package” with Kasher Quon, tape gang Lonnie, Boldy James and the alchemist. Listen to Teejayx ‘Spooky below.

Spooky follows Teejayx6’s Black Air Force Activity: The Reload Mixtape, which came out in August. He previously dropped a protest song entitled “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. In 2019 Teejayx6 released its mixtape Fraudulent Activity.

Read Pitchfork’s “Teejayx6 teaches you how to cheat” interview on the pitch.


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