Gucci Mane artist Foogiano burns ankle bracelet and goes on the run !!

Gucci Manes artist Foogiano is reportedly on the run after burning his ankle bracelet.

According to The Herald-Journal, there is now an arrest warrant against him.

Foogiano was given parole after being convicted of a 2015 burglary. According to the newspaper, he was arrested earlier this month for possession of a firearm by a convicted criminal. His bail was set at $ 50,000 – and he was ordered to wear an ankle monitor and stay in Georgia state.

According to officers, the rapper returned home and left the ankle monitor to die. It was later found on a Barrow County freeway and burned down.


Speaking to XXL last month, the rapper explained his motivation for being successful in music:

“I have kids now, that’s why I do this. I have to do this for them. It’s the only thing that keeps me going in this shit. I don’t like the fame and all that. I don’t shit like that, everyone on my face.” “he told them. “If it hadn’t been for them, I would probably have signed this deal, given them M’s and quit. The attention is so aggravating. You can’t do anything without the world wanting to know. You can’t go to the store all in without muthafuckas be your face. “

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