Gigi Hadid reveals being pregnant images of herself and Zayn Malik which have by no means been seen earlier than

Gigi Hadid takes an enchanting stroll through the past just a few months after she and her boyfriend Zayn Malik greeted their first child.

The 25-year-old model posted a trio of never-before-seen pregnancy photos on Instagram on Monday November 30th, and she’s absolutely gorgeous in all three pictures of the summer.

“August, wait for our girl,” Gigi signed the recordings and added emojis that symbolize love and tears.

One picture shows 27-year-old Zayn, who rests his chin just above the baby bump.

The couple announced in September that they had taken in a daughter, although they have not yet revealed the little one’s name.

Gigi posted the first picture of her little girl on Instagram on Halloween, dressed as a Hulk with her newborn. The star took care not to include her baby’s face in any of the pictures.

The proud mother posted more photos in November, as well as a look at the family’s Christmas decorations.

“A whole new kind of busy and tired,” Gigi captioned this post. “but she’s there, so she got Christmas decorations early.”

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