G-Eazy confirms its 2020 Thanksgiving plans will embody Ashley Benson

It may be a quieter Thanksgiving festival for people around the world this year, but there will be no shortage of love G-Eazy.

While in the press room at the 2020 American Music Awards on Sunday November 22nd, the rapper “Me, Me and Me” shed light on his plans to celebrate the upcoming holiday amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think Zoom is going to get a lot of traffic on Thanksgiving,” he told a reporter. “You have to play it safe when it comes to family. I’ll be on Zoom with my family, just out of respect, out of precaution. You have to look at one another, think of one another, be respectful of one another and be careful and take care of one another . “

“If that means we need to see you through a screen,” he continued, “we’ll stay safe and get through.”

It won’t be celebrating fully digitally though. As he confirmed to a reporter, his girlfriend Ashley Benson will be with him physically to make a meal. The performer announced: “We’ll cook a turkey together.”

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