Floyd Mayweather indicators up as executor of Mama Josie Harris’s property

Floyd Mayweather has moved to take responsibility for the estate of his late baby mum Josie Harris.

The news comes as a shock as the couple were embroiled in a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the months prior to their death.

According to legal records received from The Blast, Floyd filed for enforcement on Josie’s estate – Josie died without leaving a will. The boxer says he is “the father of (Josie’s) children and that he is a believer. (Josie) has no spouse and their two adult children have refused to act.” The boxer does not clarify why he would be a “believer” in the estate.


Josie was reportedly only worth $ 22,000 at the time of her death.

Before her death, Josie sued Floyd, accusing him of lying about her during an interview with Katie Couric. Floyd alleged that she was very addicted to drugs during a 2010 incident in which he was arrested for domestic violence. He spent two months in prison because of the incident. Josie accused Floyd of physically abusing her.

A judge will make the final decision on Floyd’s motion.

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