Dr. Jill Biden responds to Wall Road Journal Op-Ed, which raises eyebrows

Um, the school is in session.

After the Wall Street Journal issued a statement Dr. Jill Biden should the “Dr.” On her behalf, the arriving first lady went to Twitter for a response.

“Together we will build a world in which the achievements of our daughters are celebrated and not diminished,” she wrote on Sunday, December 13th.

Because in Joseph EpsteinIn his December 11 statement, he argued that Dr. Biden should forego the title because she is not a doctor.

“Madame First Lady – Mrs. Biden – Jill – Kiddo: A little piece of advice on what may seem small, but I think this is not an unimportant matter,” he began. “Any chance you get the ‘Dr.’ before your name? ‘Dr. Jill Biden’ sounds and feels deceitful, not to mention a touch comic. “

Dr. Biden received his PhD in Education from the University of Delaware in 2007. Her dissertation focused on increasing student retention at community colleges.

“I believe your degree is an Ed.D., a PhD in Education earned” from the University of Delaware with a dissertation titled “Student Loyalty at the Community College Level: Meeting Student Needs” Epstein gone. “A wise man once said nobody should be ‘Dr.’ unless he has given birth. Think about it, Dr. Jill, and drop the doctor right away. “

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