Does Marvel Girl have a Steve Trevor drawback in 1984?

This is a frustrating element of Wonder Woman 1984. While we’d imagine she had an interesting life outside of Steve between the 20s and 80s and moved on, there’s a part of Diana’s arch that feels like we are a haven. I haven’t fast-forwarded in my life. I believe this is inadvertent when the filmmakers tailor the specific story of Wonder Woman 1984 and Diana’s request. The problem persists, however, when Chris Pine’s character joins the group and becomes a character responsible for some toned down action sequences with the hero who seems to be losing her powers every day she spends with him. Throughout the film, Diana realizes that she can’t have both. She can’t really be who she needs to be with Steve Trevor by her side. For both Wonder Woman and WW84, she must have a key moment with Steve that emotionally motivates her to quit the job before Diana can get to her stunning graduation.

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