Disney strikes “Free Man”, “Demise on the Nile” from the 2020 launch calendar (Duh)

If you want the experience of joking your way through a video game in December, all you have to do is find your way around a PS5 and joke your way through the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War like the rest of us. According to a press release from Disney / 20th Century Studios, the mega-studio has torn down Free guyWith Ryan Reynolds as a sentient NPC in a video game outside of its 2020 release calendar with no future date set. In addition, they have bet Death on the Nile they are drawn to a similar fate Kenneth Branagh– A secret from the calendar with no new date in sight.

Death on the Nile kenneth branagh-social

Image via 20th Century Studios

This step makes a lot of sense. Since the big one principle Debacles, no big movies have been released in theaters in this crazy coronavirus pandemic environment. There have been a ton of release date shifts, especially from Disney, but most of them were short term punts into later dates of 2020. But now, after the big Disney debuts Mulan as Disney + Premium offer and soul As a regular Disney + offering, it seems like tearing two of their larger winter season plays from theaters with no date to replace them with is a definitive admission of “The Pandemic and 2020 in General Wins” is.

Will we see either Free Guy or Death on the Nile by the end of this year? My best guesses: Free Guy, absolutely not. It’s too big a budget, a big scale epic, and PG-13 offset between teens and young adults to deserve a PVOD or streaming debut, especially on other attempts to get houses for big budget action fans stream. But death on the Nile? While a Disney + debut might feel unaligned for an old-fashioned, mid-budget adult, prestige mystery, I could see the movie’s debut on Hulu as a sparkling surprise, “something the grown-ups should see on the vacation”.

So are there any other films planned for release in 2020? By far the largest is Wonder Woman 1984, one of which Warner Bros. is tenaciously sticking to a Christmas release. But if you ask me, look at Disney’s final decisions – and, as you know, “all of 2020” – and leave them behind until it’s safer.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more about the new release dates and distribution plans for Free Guy and Death on the Nile. Until then, here’s our interview with the Free Guy cast and crew and the latest trailer for Death on the Nile.

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