Dillon Francis & Evie Irie dare to “be somebody” with Daring New Collab [LISTEN]

Dillon Francis and Evie Irie Combine your talents for a fresh, new collaboration, “Be Somebody”.

Dillon offers a bright, simmering soundscape interrupted by the track’s massive melody, aided by distorted guitar and thick bass. Meanwhile, the Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Evie Irie flutters about the production with her denominational verses.

The lyrics convince us with an apologetic tone: And everyone is damn wrong / And I’m way too drunk to pretend I’m happy … Me and my friends, we’re going to pool our money / We’re going to get a drop , we will be someone

The meaning of the song corresponds in particular to Dillon’s personal experience. He explains the publication: “‘Be Somebody’ is an ode to all the people who told me I was just a class clown and I couldn’t make it.”

Evie adds, “Be Somebody is Dillon’s story and I’m so happy to share it. When he told me the inspiration for his idea, I was totally connected to it. Just a little kid with big dreams on a school site. “


Dillon Francis – Be Somebody (with Evie Irie)

Photo via Jas Davis

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