Did Tiffany Dover – a nurse who handed out after receiving a covid vaccine – die? (Stunning information)

A bizarre rumor has been spreading on social media that Tiffany Dover, the nurse who passed out after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, has passed away. But is that true? MTO News checked all available facts.

Tiffany has become a lightning rod for the new COVID vaccine controversy. Many people are suspicious of the vaccine that has not been tested for long-term safety.

And when Tiffany passed out after being vaccinated, it was proof that skeptics had to turn her against the possible life-saving vaccine.


Now, many of those vaccine skeptics are putting out a report that Tiffany has died.

MTO News learned that the rumor began on Facebook when a person began sharing a death record of a woman named Tiffany Dover, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who said she had recently passed away.

The alleged death certificate comes from the popular search for public records, searchquarry.com. Here is the post that people are talking about:


When the rumors got wild, Tiffany’s employer, the CHI Memorial Foundation, was forced to post a message on their Facebook page that Tiffany was fine. However, they quickly deleted this post, causing more and more speculation:


So what is the truth – is Tiffany alive or is she dead? MTO News tried in vain to recreate the search – and to find the alleged “death certificates”. Our search found similar items, but there was no mention of Tiffany’s death certificates.



So at the moment you can assume that Tiffany is still alive. Let’s hope that she will be better soon.

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