Did the CGI that leaves yearly kill you? Has Bridgerton misplaced one thing? Did Andy Cohen bait Mariah? And extra questions!

We have questions and you (maybe) have answers! After another week on TV, we’re throwing left and right questions about shows like Pennyworth, The Masked Dancer, The Expanse, and Cobra Kai!

1 | When you’ve watched Wonder Woman 1984 Using HBO Max, how did you determine the actual image quality for such a visual feature film? Has anyone out there used the 4K option?

2 | in the Bridgerton Episode 4, Are we going to pretend Daphne didn’t leave the Prince’s giant diamond necklace on the railing outside the ball before storming away from Simon? (Did you wait for the loss / theft to become a plot point?) And if you haven’t read the books, was it that many days old when you found out the Bridgerton children were named alphabetically? (Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne and so on …)

3 | Who made stair sex better: Wynonna Earp, or Bridgerton?

4th | Who should play Hilaria Baldwin Saturday night live (What if SNL doesn’t completely circumvent the controversy because of its connections with Alec Baldwin)? Cecily Strong? Chloe Fineman? Kate McKinnon?

5 | While we appreciate The masked dancerThere are enough pointers for each participant, maybe they could be a little less on the nose? Like this glass of iced tea for … Ice-T?

6th | Was the death of Pennyworth‘s [Spoiler] somehow somehow totally random? Was that the whole point of the stolen money secret of laboriously killing him? Was that also a searchlight in the background when Thomas and Martha first met? #BatForeshadowing!

7th | On Power Book II: MindIs there any way the New York Police Department would find it cool to hand the bulk of a homicide investigation off to a few professors whose stated goal is to keep all tips from students anonymous?

8th | Why did USA Network’s Dare Me hit Netflix so late on launch day? (And even then, it wasn’t searchable!)

9 | Were you thrown in the abrupt way? A teacher completed? And were you amused by how much Eric’s brothers had grown in the finals while he looked pretty much the same himself?

10 | Given the muscles of Justin Hartley should Celebrity IOU Hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott were a little less surprised that actor This Is Us was able to hold their own during construction.

11 | Does not The Conners‘Description for Candice Bergens Barb – she has “a superior air and a sharp tongue” – sounds a lot like Darlene? And the “unexpected death” that triggers her return to Landford is likely her husband / Ben’s father, right?

12 | Did Amazon’s Yearly Departed Special change your visualization of the six-foot social distancing rule as “a Sterling K. Brown”? Can we get all of Natasha Rothwell’s new TV cop shows too? And did you stop for the credits to be amazed by the green screen wizardry that indicated that all the ladies were in one room?

13th | When Alex from The Expanse (mostly?) Expertly but forcibly got him and Bobbie out of the way, did you almost feel that the Gs smashed your own face too? And in view of the end of this maneuver, did we see the beginning of the exit storyline of actor Cas Anvar?

14th | Star Trek: Discovery Fans, were you less than surprised when Jake Weber’s villain Zareh reappeared after he was left for dead? And don’t Osyraa’s henchmen seem too easy to overpower?

15th | After bingeing the first couple of Cobra Kai episodesWere you surprised [Spoiler] was paused? And did Chozen’s lesson for Daniel remind others of Kill Bill’s Five Point Palm Exploding Heart technique?

16 | Why after all these years? Chilling adventures from Sabrina Do you finally decide on a segment “Before …”? And why for only one episode?

17th | As much as we welcome the path Guy’s food games Has any of the competing chefs – who try their dishes instead of judges to do so – ever say, “Eh, that wasn’t very good”?

18th | On Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin ‘EveWhat was the rudest thing about Cyndi Lauper’s performance – the choice of song, the “choreography” or the more than occasional off-key note?

19th | Everything said, Fox’s New Years Toast & Roast was just an advertisement for Fox programs and talent, right? Did you assume that the Joel McHale / Ken Jeong segments were pre-recorded until they caught up with Kelly Osbourne in Times Square? Was any person, anyone, shocked by Ken’s “ups” with the dominoes? And how nervous were you for actress LeAnn Rimes hopping around on live TV in that strapless, sparse top?

20th | While CNN’s New Years Eve live, was Andy Cohen trying to drive Mariah Carey into a crazy moment by mentioning JLo not just once but twice?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you want to share!

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