Darkside Unearth Stay Album: Hear

A new live album from Darkside – the late duo of Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington – has been released. The album captures the duo’s performance at the 2014 Belgian Dour Festival. It was recorded by Vance Galloway and mixed and mastered by Rashad Becker. Check out Darkside’s PSYCHIC LIVE JULY 17, 2014 below.

Jaar and Harrington have released a Darkside LP: October 2013’s Excellent Psychic. The duo announced their split in August 2014 and played one final show in Brooklyn the next month.

Nicolás Jaar released three albums in 2020: 2017-2019, Cenizas and Telas. Dave Harrington was recently featured in Adult Swims New Jazz Century.

Read Pitchfork’s feature interview “Sound the Alarm: Nicolás Jaar and the Politics of Dance Music”.

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