Dallas Restaurant Underneath Hearth For Sentencing Twerking In Restaurant! (Video)

True Kitchen, a popular Dallas restaurant, comes under fire after the owner convicts a group of women for “twerking” in front of customers, MTO News has learned.

The incident happened yesterday when a group of women sat down to eat. According to social media reports, one of the women in the group got up and started dancing in front of other customers, including children.

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The restaurant owner came over and asked the women to stop dancing and gave them a tongue whip. The entire incident was captured on video:

The owner told the women, “I have spent a lot of money buying this building and investing in this concept so that black people can eat something good somewhere and feel comfortable as a culture.”

The owner continued, “75 percent of our customers are women … how can I tell men to respect themselves while you work here?”

Finally he said: “If you want [twerk], get the fuck out of my restaurant. “

Here is the video:

Shortly after the video was released, hundreds of women blew up the restaurant and are now calling for a boycott.

And here are the answers:

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