Chelsea Houska leaves Teen Mother 2 after 10 seasons

After 10 seasons Chelsea Houska says goodbye to teen mom 2.

The 30-year-old, who has starred on the MTV series since his debut in 2011, is leaving the company at the end of its current season 10, a source told E! News. While Chelsea hasn’t publicly commented on her upcoming departure, her father is Randy Houska seemingly confirmed the news in a tweet, writing, “Well, kids, that’s a wrap. Was a fun run on @MTV @TeenMom # teenmom2.”

“What’s next?” he went on. “Seriously, it’s been part of @ChelseaHouska’s entire adult life. We’ve all broadened our horizons and grown as humans. #NoRegrets See you all on the other side.”

Since the show premiered, viewers have followed from a front row seat as Chelsea raised their now 10-year-old daughter Aubree with ex Adam Lindmet and eventually married Cole DeBoer and became a mother times three with the births of the son Watson, 3 and daughter Layne, 2.

While her departure may be sad news for fans, the reality star can really look forward to the fact that she is currently expecting her fourth child – another little girl – and building her dream home.

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