Canceled sooner or later at a time (once more)

One day at a time is no more. The Netflix turned pop TV comedy was canceled for the second time after a shortened fourth season.

The decision is made when Pop TV pulls out of the scripted series game. The network had previously canceled Florida Girls, which it renewed for season two, as well as the Anna Paquin co-production Flack, which ultimately landed on Amazon Prime.

Sony Pictures Television plans to buy the show. Once again.

The critically acclaimed reboot of the long-running Norman Lear comedy aired on Netflix for three seasons before being canceled in March 2019. Four months later, she was revived by Pop TV for a fourth season of 13 episodes that debuted on March 24th. Production was finally stopped after six episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic – two of which were shot without a studio audience. A seventh, animated episode was eventually produced before Pop stuck a pin in season 4.

More recently, Viacom’s own network CBS aired the fourth season of ODAAT on three consecutive Monday evenings in October. Hours before the finale on October 26, co-showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett signaled that the end was near.

“I’m not going to lie, all of you, this could be it for our little show,” she said on Twitter. “We loved doing this show [and] we want to celebrate it tonight! “

While a second hiatus seems unlikely, at least ODAAT fans can rest assured that they know how the series ended. In the last regular episode, Supermoon, Penelope and Max, Elena and Syd, and Alex and Nora were all strong, and the future father Schneider suggested an expectant Avery. In the meantime, the widowed Lydia finally got the closure she needed and scattered Berto’s ashes in the roof garden.

TVLine’s cable scorecard has been updated to reflect cancellation one day at a time. Are you sad about the news?

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