Brodie Lee, former WWE wrestler often called Luke Harper, useless at 41

All Elite Wrestling honored Brodie with a special statement on Twitter.

“The All Elite Wrestling family is heartbroken,” read the message. “In an industry full of good people, Jon Huber was immensely respected and loved in every way – a wild and compelling talent, a thoughtful mentor, and just a very kind soul that strongly contradicted his role as Mr. Brodie Lee.”

“Jon’s love for his wife Amanda and children Brodie and Nolanwas evident to all of us lucky enough to spend time with him and we send his love and support to his lovely family today and always. “

The statement concluded, “Jon’s popularity among his peers and his influence on the wrestling world has been worldwide and beyond the AEW, so that loss will be felt for many a long time. We had the privilege of having a brother, friend and Jon Huber to call a friend one of us. “

Brodie’s career began dramatically in 2012 when he signed with WWE, using the stage name Luke Harper. Fast forward to 2020 and he made his AEW debut as Brodie Lee in March. In August he won the AEW TNT Championship.

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