Break up the Jaime King and Kyle Newman drama because the custody battle continues

Jaime filed a statement in response to Kylie’s petition that E! Messages received. In the November 6 file, the actress alleged that she rejected Kyle’s request to travel to Canada with the boys because, among other reasons, she did not want the children to be watched by an “unknown caretaker.”

She went on to explain why she resumed custody of her children three days after the previously agreed date. According to the records, Jaime claimed she picked the boys up after school on the 27th because she couldn’t get a rapid COVID test and couldn’t prevent the boys from being distracted during online school.

Then on November 13th, Kyle filed a response to Jaime’s statement. In the E! He claimed it was in their sons’ “best interests” to have custody granted him, and claimed that Jaime had “let the boys in Puerto Rico miss an entire week of school”.

He also alleged that she “prevented” him from speaking to his sons, alleging “unreliable internet service”. Kyle denied her claim, citing her social media posts as evidence that she lied.

He also claimed on the file that he had “no interest in hurting Jaime’s career or making her unemployed,” and wrote, “Since Jaime has been our family’s breadwinner for much of our marriage, I rely on Jaime for support to obtain.”

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