‘Borat 2’ deleted scene simply infiltrated Borat’s daughter into the White Home

While most people are still talking about how easy it is Rudy Giuliani was played in Borat Subsequent movie film and his rude behavior towards a journalist, let’s not forget that Giuliani isn’t the only goofy involved with the Trump administration. In a new clip from the official Borat account we see a deleted scene from the film in which Borat’s daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova) befriends OAN propagandists Chanel Rionand can gain access to the White House as early as September 20th.

On the one hand, the Secret Service probably knew that “Tutar” was an actress. They don’t let Rando in the White House And the Secret Service was right that Bakalova was harmless in the sense that she wasn’t there to harm anyone. But if all it takes to get into the White House and reach the inner circle of the Trump administration is pretending to be a likable journalist, damn it.

The subtext of both the Giuliani interaction and this new clip is that it wasn’t that difficult for an actress like Bakalova to get used to the Trump administration because these aren’t serious people. Their greatest need is recognition from the media, which they supposedly despise. So if you can disguise yourself as a friendly journalist, you can stroll straight into one of the safest buildings in the world. What to think when you see this clip is not, “Ah ha! Borat has it! “It’s,“ Holy shit, how easy is it to get these people? ”If comedians can do this, why can’t a hostile foreign actor? As many others have pointed out, maybe the United States presidency shouldn’t be an entry-level job.

Check out the deleted scene below and vote. Borat Subsequent Film is currently on Amazon Prime Video.

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