Blade: 5 Causes Why the Wesley Snipes Film Is As Good As You Bear in mind

The music is amazing

Back to that rave scene. I remember actually seeing Blade at a birthday party (because cinemas apparently allowed 15-year-olds back then to allow rated-R films). My good friend Valentina was sitting next to me and when this rave music came up she turned her face to me and said, “Richard, this is great!” And it was. She bought the soundtrack as soon as we left the theater.

And the Blade soundtrack fits the film perfectly. The music is sonically dark and pulsating and really fits the plot of the story. Most comic book films tend to make their films more orchestral, which is fine but a little acted out if you ask me. But Blade sounds almost like a Streets of Rage soundtrack at times, with some of its techno influences. Plus the actual CD with tracks from Mystikal (do you remember him?), Gangstarr and KRS-One is fantastic. It sounds like no other Marvel soundtrack out there, and that’s a good thing.

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