Black Twitter Blasts Blonde NFL Spouse: Too “Submissive” To Husband In Video!

NFL baller Juwan Hinson and his wife Chanen go viral on Twitter today after they posted a video showing their daily lives, MTO News learned.

Juwan played college football in Oregon and signed with the Saints as an unoccupied free agent in 2020. With the support of his wife, he happily lives out his NFL dreams and the two seem like a really cute couple.

But Black Twitter doesn’t like the dynamic in their relationship.

Chanen is trending right now and Black Twitter lets the pretty blonde have it. They claim that she is too “submissive” to her NFL shooting husband and acts more like the maid than his wife.

Here is an example of the comments she receives:

Hey maid … I see you put on your maid clothes like you always do. If you like it I love it #IGuess

Sugar syrup ? No no.

Oh, do you have any help?

Therefore they prefer all of you

I see two adults agreeing. It works for their marriage and I’m sure it will get benefits too.

a maid. We love to see it.

So she is his mother oooor … nvm that’s probably why I don’t have a husband now lol

Keyword: WIFE continues with your wife duties, ma’am, for which you signed up.

He on something reverse slavery

I just knew the husband was black …

Unpopular opinion … syrup is on the eggs

Here is the video that pissed people off:

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