Black Couple BEATEN BADLY for Making an attempt to Cease Teen Ladies from Twerking !!

According to MTO News, a black couple was badly beaten by a group of teenagers for trying to prevent teenage girls from working in public. The couple, who are in their forties, asked the teenage girls to stop “twerking” and were given a trip to the hospital.


The incident happened on Saturday night in Winston Salem, North Carolina, outside the popular Hanes Mall, according to local reports.

Police responded in the Hanes Mall parking lot near TGIF in response to a reported battle involving a group of teenagers and two adults.

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Investigators told the media that the two victims were picking up their daughter at the mall when several teenagers attacked them and took one of the victims’ wallets.

In the video you can see the parents trying to correct the behavior of the young girls who have worked in public. That was a big mistake. In response, the girls jumped the mother.

Then a group of teenagers who were there with the girls jumped on the father.

Both were rushed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A diner in Dallas, Texas yesterday made national news when he urged a group of women to stop working at his restaurant. Fortunately, this man was not physically attacked.


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