Bill Gates admits nearly three decades of cheating on his wife in a divorce and no one is surprised!

Amid his divorce from his wife of nearly three decades, Melinda, Bill Gates admitted he was having an affair, this is the main reason their marriage ended. Apparently he cheated on her with an employee and this seems to confirm previous reports that he resigned because of Microsoft’s infidelity.

The first to report this was the Wall Street Journal, an insider who told the news agency that the board of directors had taken steps to remove Bill Gates from the board of directors.

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Despite admitting cheating on his wife with a Microsoft employee, Bill insists that his departure from the company had nothing to do with the matter.

Instead, he reportedly resigned before the workplace investigation could be completed.

A spokesman told WSJ: “Almost twenty years ago there was an amicable affair. Bill’s decision to step down from the board had nothing to do with the matter. In fact, he had expressed an interest in investing more time in philanthropy from years on. ‘

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As for the cheating, it turned out not many were surprised to hear about it.

For example, the hosts of The View suggested that this scandal shouldn’t even tarnish its legacy.

Joy Behar argued, “You know, this guy is saving countries. And I don’t think his personal peccadillos will negatively affect what he does for the world. I am a fan of his. I don’t judge people who commit adultery but still do great things. ‘

Co-host Meghan McCain wasn’t shocked either. The woman explained, “Men follow their penis. Men in power cheat on their wives and the water is wet and Casablanca is being played, okay? I mean, sorry, it’s not a revelation. ‘

In addition, Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian asked his own followers on Twitter: “How shocked are you at this news from Bill Gates?” only to jokingly add, after seeing her replies, that they were “clearly not shocked at all”.

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