Asian Doll: JT From City Women Sucked Lil Yachty D ** ok To Get ‘Act Up’ Single !!

Asian Doll is deep in her beef with JT from City Girls – and she even claims JT “sucked” Lil Yachty for her hit single “Act Up”.

Yachty wrote the track.

See what she wrote below.

Asian was upset that her verse had been removed from Megan Thee Stallion’s “Do It On The Tip”. Asian didn’t respect JT, but JT took her to speak about it in person and started whipping online.

Eventually Megan came in and tweeted:

“I hate that all of this is getting so disproportionate. It was never as deep as the comments suggested” before they explained they could number each other and talk privately.


“We were real friends. F * ck rap, you should have said something yesterday and cleared it up, but no, you let that hoe in your ear and you don’t even know that hoe,” Asian replied.

Yachty did not respond to Asia’s allegations.

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