Anwar Hadid clarifies his controversial stance on the coronavirus vaccine

Anwar Hadid clears his mind when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine.

The 21-year-old model made headlines just last week when he revealed on Instagram Stories that he would “absolutely not” take the vaccine.

“Either I just don’t get it, or I get it and, God willing, I heal it and get antibodies instead of making this process unnatural,” he explained. “Our bodies are made to do far more than we think by the Creator.”

But on Monday, December 28, Anwar clarified his recent comments, stating that he was not an anti-vaccine.

“I think everyone needs to be careful looking at each vaccine individually for positive and potential negative effects,” he shared in an Instagam story recorded by TMZ. “I’ve taken vaccines before, but as someone with a weakened immune system, I want to continue learning how to protect myself and others in a variety of ways.”

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