Announcement of the restart of Tornado surprises authentic director Jan de Bont

original Twister Director Jan de Bont was surprised by the announcement of a restart earlier this year. He also doesn’t think the upcoming reboot will work with a major tornado. The restart was announced back in June this year, but no details of the story were released. Top Gun: Maverick-Helmer Joseph Kosinski is hired to direct with Frank Marshall on board to produce. At the time of the announcement, Universal was still looking for potential authors who could take over the restart of Twister.

Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin wrote the script on the original Twister, who was a box office monster. It grossed over $ 495 million worldwide and quickly became the second highest-rated film of 1996. The film received mixed reviews but is now a cult classic, which means it’s the perfect candidate for reboot treatment. Jan de Bont had this to say when asked about the Twister restart.

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“I read that like a month or two ago. I said, ‘Wow. Are you going to do the F5 now? I bet that’s it.’ You can’t do it by making it bigger. That hardly works as a movie. You have to act as … with people actually involved in it. You can’t just … It’s like I’m part of the destruction scene We’re going to get worse and entire cities will be destroyed. It’s just like falling into the trap of having the special effects taken over completely. ”

An F5 is the most intense tornado on the Fujita scale in retirement. An F5 has wind speeds of more than 300 km / h. This is the type of tornado that appears in Jan de Bont’s Twister. In addition to the special effects, the original film gave viewers a connection to the two main characters, played by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. Moviegoers received the spectacle of the tornado as well as a human story that was reinforced by the acting performances.

Jan de Bont The Twister restart is not supposed to rely on special effects, which is a common feature in disaster movies. However, we haven’t seen any details of the story yet. Joseph Kosinski and his crew could go through the same key plot points from the original film, despite being in a modern setting. The technology has advanced quite a bit since 1996.

At this point in time, Universal has no set release date for restarting Twister or for authors. Hopefully some production news will get through before the end of the year. 2020 has proven to be an interesting year for the entertainment industry as there is a lot of development work instead of productions, although recently some projects have returned to working with some fairly extensive security protocols. The interview with Jan de Bont was originally conducted by Collider.

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