Ammika Harris’ newest seaside picture has followers say she’s spinning with Karrueche

Ammika Harris has the time of her life on vacation somewhere. She dropped a few pictures with herself and her little boy Aeko, but fans assume she went somewhere Chris Brown.

She and Chris reunited not long ago, and their fans couldn’t be happier knowing they had the opportunity to spend some time together as a family.

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Check out a recent picture Ammika posted on her social media account below.

“Immersed in a pot of honey,” Ammika labeled her post.

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Someone said, “Nice, but looks too similar to Karrueche in this picture,” and another follower posted this message: “She actually looks better than Kae. ???? ‘

Another follower said, “All expenses paid by Breezy,” and someone else posted this message, “What’s your tattoo on the center of your chest?” Very subtle, love love. ‘

Another wrote, “Can you tell us where this is after you go home ?! (Fully understand while you’re there and keep it personal) It’s soooooo pretty! I would like to visit. ‘

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Another follower wrote: “You have perfect sun-kissed skin and I love it !!!” and someone else said, “Then I’ll call you hunny from now on. You look beautiful.”

One fan asked, “How is it that Bubba is enjoying the beach? Has he tried to eat sand yet? ‘and one person praised Ammika and said, “You are not human. You are more than that. ‘

Ammika Harris recently dropped a beautiful photo of herself and baby Aeko on the beach.

Fans were crazy with excitement, wondering in the comments if she and Chris Brown went on vacation somewhere to have a good time together.

Check out the beautiful photo of Aeko working with his father.


Ammika is definitely living her best with her baby and Chris, and the fans are really excited for her.

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