Amanda Kloots reveals the particular vase she made with Nick Cordero’s ashes

Nick LambWidow, Amanda Kloots, used social media to showcase the beautiful and very special vase she and her son had made together in memory of the actor who tragically died of coronavirus. What makes the object so special and unique is the fact that it contains some of its ashes!

On Thursday, Amanda Kloots went to her platform to post a picture of herself and the vase with her one-year-old son Elvis after Nick’s death.

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As she already shared at the time when she made the very special ceramic and as she now also mentioned, the vase contains a lot of her husband’s ashes.

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Fans remember the Broadway star lost his life to the COVID-19 virus in July.

“My beautiful vase, which Elvis and I made with some of Nick’s ashes, is ready! I can’t believe how it turned out. @emilytyra and @rarebirdgoods is really amazing for this beautiful gift. Elvis and I put our handprints in the clay before it was fired. Then she glazed the vase and added the heart design. I plan to always keep flowers in this vase and remember Nick every time I look at them, ”she wrote in the caption.

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Amanda first mentioned the vase last month when she posted a photo of her and Elvis working on a pottery wheel.

Next to the photo she wrote in part: “Elvis and I had a special afternoon today. My friend has an amazing pottery shop and she invited us to do pottery with Nick’s ashes. I recently learned how many ways there are to reuse ashes and make new things out of them. I think it’s more than nice to have a way to keep him alive! … It was so incredible and it felt really special. A way to turn something sad into something joyful. ‘


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