Alex Winter of Invoice and Ted offers trustworthy ideas on the probabilities of a fourth movie

We made this film because Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon came to Keanu [Reeves] and me with an idea that we thought was really funny and emotional, which is not easy. We would never have done it if it hadn’t done both things because honestly there wouldn’t have been a way to play the characters if it hadn’t done both things. We like to work together. We don’t have to do another. We don’t particularly feel that there has to be someone else, but we would like to do another. That really is the honest answer. There is nothing more to it. We are currently not planning any more. Certainly no one came to us and asked us to do another. I don’t know where these chips will go. I can tell you that Keanu and I had an opportunity to do something that would be just as satisfying as what we just did. We’d both be interested.

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