Actuality TV couple checking in: who continues to be collectively and who broke up in 2020?

As one of the most solid couples during the run of the seasonal show, their journey ended with Faith signing up to roam the country to be with her detective friend.

But the move never took place and a clearly broken belief emphasized that they were both “single” during the reunification.

“Things didn’t go exactly as planned,” said Anthony of her deadlocked romance. “Hit COVID, it was tough fighting from a distance … so we’re still working on certain things and it’s still possible that something special can happen to me and her.”

While her cast mates voiced doubts about his engagement, Anthony said to Faith, “I’m in love with you,” but was concerned that he was pushing her to move.

After the special aired, Faith took to her Instagram to protect Anthony from criticism. She wrote: “I am grateful to have met Anthony because he showed me that I am able to give my heart back to someone. I would not find anyone else.” I preferred to be by my side during this wild ride. You put me in your corner for life “

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