A Million Little Issues’ David Giuntoli breaks Eddie’s’ karmic righteousness’


Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the premiere of the third season of A Million Little Things.

On the positive side: a million little things‘Eddie is actually alive.

On the not-so-big side: As the season three premiere revealed on Thursday, Eddie is paralyzed from his hit-and-run and now has to rely on a wheelchair to get around. (Read a full summary.)

The ABC drama’s latest “card flip” – aka showrunner DJ Nash – likes to refer to the unexpected twists and turns that have shaped the show since its inception – and prepares David Giuntoli’s character for a rough hack (not to mention physical rest, which may not be possible) occur).

“The show is based on the idea that everything happens for a reason, and the challenge in life is to find that reason,” the show’s creator / showrunner DJ Nash told TVLine. “What Eddie will discover from this injury is that his plans for how he will be a husband or how he will be a father or how he will be a friend? These plans are destroyed. “

He added that Eddie “was never really punished for his missteps. He feels remorse and guilty, but hasn’t really been punished. I am not saying that this was a punishment [his misdeeds]But for the first time on the series, Eddie has to pay a price and overcome something. “

TVLine also spoke to Giuntoli about Eddie’s fate. Read on to hear his thoughts on “karmic justice” and the difficult journey of the family.

TVLINE | The show really played around with people who wanted Eddie to live.
That was surprisingly more than more people than I thought. [Laughs] OK? I really didn’t think this guy was that personable, but I think he did the job. I think he and Katherine put the work in where people want to see it work now.

TVLINE | When I spoke to DJ Nash he said that Eddie really regretted all the things he did, but this is the first real consequence in his life that something really bad happened that I found interesting.
It is actually true. He had some awkward dinners for a month and that was about it. [Laughs] I think there’s an inherent, perhaps latent, feeling that justice, karmic justice, did not serve Eddie. I think the viewer won’t feel that way anymore. He’s been going through a lot.

TVLINE | So we have the happy ending that he’s not dead, but this is a big change for this family and especially for his relationship with Katherine. How will their marriage reflect these new roles they are being pushed into?
First of all, it’s an incredible storyline to get to play with. I feel obliged to serve people who have been through or are going through something like this. I started some relationships with men in general who were paralyzed in their young life and the things they told me that happened to them psychologically, many of them, are brought up on the show.

I come back to your question. [Laughs] First, there is no end to the pain, the physical pain. It never ends. Eddie has to constantly rearrange himself, dealing with this spinal pain and the pain that comes with sitting all day. For many of these people, most of the time, they are in excruciating pain. Eddie and a lot of the people I’ve spoken to feel that their gender has changed from “male” to “wheelchair accessible”.

You don’t feel like the “man” you were and that is something to struggle and come to terms with. I think Eddie will feel like Katherine didn’t sign up for it. He’ll feel like she should just fly away. When we met, I was a rock star, or at least a moderate rock star. At least locally. [Laughs] And now that’s what she’s saddling up with, and he feels an enormous guilt.

TVLINE | That is a lot.
It is. And Eddie, certainly in Episode 2, you can see that Eddie doesn’t want to force anything more on this family than he has already done in the last two seasons of dubious decisions. So Eddie makes a very tough face and doesn’t show his family how much pain he is in and how much help he needs.

TVLINE | There was the line where he refuses or tries to turn down the oxycodone they prescribe him in the hospital. Given his history, will that turn into another fight for him as the season progresses?
Oh. Yes. I mean yes. Katherine brings the pills home for a reason. There are safe ways for someone who is addicted to take narcotic pain relievers. It’s just such a slippery slope for him, and I think Eddie wants to prove to Katherine that he’s in control right now, and the fact that he isn’t on those high levels of pain medication adds a lot of mental and physical stress to Eddie’s life .

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