9 Christmas movies with LGBTQ + tales

The Christmas setup (2020)

The Christmas Setup is Lifetime’s first Christmas film about a gay couple. It shows the real couple Blake Lee and Ben Lewis. Hugo (Ben Lewis) travels to Milwaukee to spend Christmas with best friend Madelyn (Ellen Wong), mother Kate (Fran Drescher), and brother Aiden (Chad Connell). His mother tries to play matchmaker by matching Hugo with his old high school crush, Patrick (Blake Lee).

The Christmas setup is part of Lifetime’s 30 new Christmas films. The Christmas setup looks adorable and the added power of Fran Drescher makes this movie a must have. The film will premiere on December 12, 2020 on Lifetime.

The world of Christmas LGBTQ + movies is very small, but I hope this is just the beginning and they will become the norm, especially with cheesy romance movies. The world needs a little more love in every form.

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