5 Marvel characters Carla Gugino can be excellent to play with


Speaking of restart: I’m particularly excited about the reinterpretation of Blade, a half-vampire hunter of vampires, by two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and the horror-centric elements and characters he’ll bring the MCU like Dracula to example. Plus, there would also be a chance for his current wife Shiklah’s film debut to include the epitome of the bloodsucker in the mix.

I also believe that this powerful succubus, co-created by comedian and Deadpool writer Brian Posehn, could be a perfect blend of the seductive disposition that Carla Gugino is known for and the more brutal, animalistic side that I said that I would be interested in seeing her sooner. Not to mention that her husband was actually Deadpool prior to marrying Dracula, which also sounds like a golden opportunity for Gugino’s sense of humor to shine beyond all this darkness.

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