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Easy To Use Instrument Rental Service

May 29

Brisbane's vibrant music scene is well known, and Fortitude Valley offers a variety of music venues that can meet the needs of any. You'll find plenty of options for everyone, whether you prefer rock, pop or classical music.

Binary Music has partnered with Studio 19 Rentals to bring you an easy to use instrument rental service. Select the instrument you want to rent and then click the RENT NOW button below the price.

Rentals of Student Instruments

For those who are just beginning their musical journey, we offer a no-risk rental program. You can start with an educator-approved school band or orchestra instrument today for a reasonable down payment along with monthly payments and equipment for classes. You can cancel, change instruments or return at any time.

Brasswind instruments use keys, slides and valves to control airflow for tuning, pitch and tone. They also use the embouchure, or shaping of one's mouth and lips to produce sound. We rent saxophones from reputable brands such as Yamaha, Selmer and Jupiter. Brasswinds includes trombones, trumpets and french horns.

Stringed instruments include violin viola and cello. They are played by plucking taut strings using bows or hitting them with a mallet or stick. They require the highest level of skill to play and produce a variety. Rent from our range of new strings brass, woodwinds, brass, and guitars. Weekly school delivery included. Trials for free are available.

School Instrument Rentals

Brisbane Music Rental Services are the foundation of any music program that is high-quality. Renting instruments is an excellent way to motivate students to stay in the field for the long haul.

When the student is ready to step away from a beginner instrument and into a higher-level instrument that will provide better tone quality and range. It is essential that a reliable music store is available to maintain these instruments regularly and has quick repair options in place.

Studio 19 has partnered with us to help families to rent musical instruments in Brisbane. Select an instrument or a combination of instruments, on the Music Spot site and click the RENT-NOW button beneath the price. It will take you back to the Studio 19 site to fill out a credit application. It usually takes less than 10 mins and is subject to approval.

Renting School Band Instruments

Our rental program allows students to rent the instrument they'd like to play regardless of whether it's for orchestra or band. It's a great way to determine whether your child is attracted to music and if they'll be upgrading to a brand new model when is the time. You can rent any of our products by clicking on the RENT NOW button under the price. Subject to credit approval, your rental will typically be processed on the next day. Free delivery is included. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

School Orchestra Instrument Rentals

The simplest and cheapest method to hire an instrument for your school orchestra student. Hire cellos, violins and violas from reputable manufacturers like Strobel, Eastman, and Howard Core. You can rent 3/4-size baritones as well as standard baritones made by dependable manufacturers like Bach, Yamaha, and Jupiter. Rent euphoniums from respected names in brasswind instruments, such as Besson, Yamaha and Jupiter.

Stringed instruments are made up of violins, violas and oboes and bassoons. These instruments are played by bowing and plucking the string taut to produce the sound. All stringed instrument rentals are play-tested and examined using Sweetwater's Band and Orchestra 40-Point Inspection to ensure the highest quality straight out of the box.

Binary Music has partnered up with Studio 19 Rentals for an easy rental program for instruments. Find your new instrument or a bundle of gear and click the RENT NOW button beneath the price. After selecting the payment plan, you will be directed to the Studio 19 secure website where your application will be processed. Most applications are approved on the same day.